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Daily live classes stimulate deeper understanding and relationships.

Individual tutoring when your child needs extra support emotionally or academically.

Authentic feedback and chances for revision to foster a growth mindset.

Accredited international curriculum for a fraction of the cost. 

Why ISAonline ?

Experiential Online Learning With A Classroom Feel

How it Works

A Small School For Big Impact

Here at ISAonline, our students are always at the heart of what we do. We've partnered with the International School of Aruba to develop an intimate online learning program that is aligned with the US Common Core standards and customized to meet every student’s needs. With a passionate team,  every course comes with full support through group and individual video sessions. 


Parent Testimonials

Fox Notebook and Pens


We have to say that we are extremely pleased with ISAonline. Other online platforms are a "one size fits all" kind of product. ISAonline is more tailored to our child's needs and interests. They work in small groups as opposed to hundreds of students per group on other online platforms. Most important to us, is that the ISA online is an accredited platform.

All in all, this is a more modern, flexible, and enjoyable experience compared to other platforms.

Keyboard and Mouse


We used to use the (another online) platform and that required a lot of help from the parents, and even us had to evaluate some of her homework and quizzes.  But with ISAonline the student has a real teacher having a live session every day and even extra sessions for homework, if needed. We as parents, have access to the schedule, homework and grades in real-time and stay in contact with the teacher at all times.

Keyboard and Mouse


My child LOVES this school – from the teacher to the online classmates to the challenging curriculum. ISAonline emphasizes the importance of values and builds leaders through each of its classes and lessons. Theresa, the Director, has truly invested in my child’s education and his growth as a learner. Adjustments have been made as needed to meet the needs of each student. Small class sizes, personalized education, and leveled learning have enabled my child to master many academic areas.

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Wayaca 238A 
Aruba, Dutch Caribbean


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