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Student Life

We're not your typical online school. 
Our Student Experience

At ISAonline, we believe in learning by creating. Our students are given opportunities to show their understanding with very unique experiences. Learning about money? Let's plan a camping trip on a budget. Trying to master fractions? Bake some sweets in the kitchen.


Our goal is to make sure your child can succeed not only in school but in life. 

ISAonline Student Life (1).png
Daily Schedule

Each day of the week will look slightly different for our students in our international online school. Some might start the day with morning yoga or meditation while others would like to begin with their math practice. Every student will have at least one live session with a teacher in addition to small group video chats to collaborate on team projects. Below is a sample schedule for a student in 5th Grade.


Our learning days are fun, engaging,

creative, and personalized. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 10.04_edited.jpg
today's schedule, ISAonline.png
Image by Patricia Prudente

Social Events

We love our assortment of unique, online get-togethers that allow all students in the program to interact with one another in a less formal setting. Students attend these co-curricular activities through the same video conferencing tool they use to attend their live classes. 

Events and activities include, but are not limited to:

  • STEM Exhibition

  • International Day

  • Virtual Field Trips

  • Hour of Code

  • Book Character Day

  • Changemaker Fair

  • Mystery Classroom


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