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With consistent monitoring, feedback, and immersive learning experiences, ISAonline students receive the flexibility and support they need to succeed in every facet of their lives. Our fully accredited English-taught program promotes academic achievement and personal development at each age. Utilizing hands-on instructional resources, teachers interweave technology, art, character education, and physical fitness to provide a well-rounded core curriculum. As we focus on mastery-based learning and give chances for self-reflection, we provide our curriculum in the form of "I can" statements so that students understand their learning goals.

  • How long is the admission process?
    The process for admission can be completed in less than a week. It requires complete paperwork, placement, and payment. The most important component of the admissions process is complete honesty and transparency about what we can offer and what your child needs to be the best version of themselves.
  • What are the application deadlines?
    Students may join ISAonline at any time of the year. However, it is best to enter in August or January at the start of the semester.
  • What are the costs?
    Please visit our Admissions page for up-to-date information on school costs.
  • How is grade level placement of incoming students determined?
    We will review a new student's previous transcripts, administer placement assessments and speak with the family to determine your child's strengths and areas of improvement. We try to place students with age-level peers while ensuring your child is challenged in just the right way. Nonetheless, students can move between levels depending on their mastery of the content.
  • Does ISAonline provide a device to access the online classes?
    No, ISAonline does not provide any device for online classes. Families that enroll in ISAonline must purchase their own device. Students may use a MacBook, Chromebook or Windows Laptop in line with the following minimum specifications: - 4GB RAM - 128GB Hard Drive - Built in Webcam - No greater than 3 years old - ‘On-Ear’ or ‘Over-Ear’ headphones with a microphone Please note tablet devices like the iPad are not compatible with the program offered by ISAOnline .
  • What type of device does my child need to have?
    Families enrolled in ISAonline must provide their own device. Students may use a MacBook, Chromebook, or Windows Laptop in line with the following minimum specifications: - 8GB RAM for Windows/Mac, 4GB RAM for Chromebook - 128GB Hard Drive for Windows/Mac, Not applicable for Chromebook - Built-in Webcam - No greater than 3 years old - ‘On-Ear’ or ‘Over-Ear’ headphones with a microphone Please note tablet devices, like the iPad, are not compatible with the program offered by ISAOnline.
  • Can I access digital curriculum materials “offline” in addition to my online access?
    Our learning platform does allow for the viewing of course materials offline but currently does not have interactivity capabilities in an offline setting. Students will be able to view and see such materials but will need an online connection in order to create and submit work within our platform.
  • How do students access the learning platform?
    Students must use their ISAonline G-suite account to access their Live Class, learning platform and other components delivered to school. Through single-sign-on technology, it creates a seamless educational experience in addition to ensuring a safe digital learning environment for every student. Student accounts are created and managed by the school. See our Handbook for more detailed information regarding technology usage policy.
  • Can students put “old” school materials from a personal G-suite account or elsewhere into their ISAonline G-suite account?
    Students may manage and organize their ISAonline Google Drive in how they see fit. Students are responsible for adding their own school materials to their Drive when they are not automatically delivered through one of their classes.
  • What is the curriculum?
    ISAonline prides itself on having a global curriculum that is current and relevant to students' lives. Additionally, the curriculum is fully aligned to the Common Core academic standards, with a specific focus on teaching students mastery in communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking so that they may be prepared as citizens in a rapidly changing world and economy. The curriculum will be partially curated Open Educational Resources by ISAonline teachers and partially purchased from curriculum vendors. All purchased curriculum is editable so ISAonline may ensure both its curated and purchased curriculum remains dynamic and responsive to students and their needs in our changing world.
  • What curriculum tools will students be using to support core curriculum coursework?
    Many! In addition to purchased curriculum tools, teachers and students will utilize Open Educational Resources (OER’s), of which there are dozens. Frequently used OER’s include: PBSLearning, Epic!, Khan Academy, Prodigy and Newsela. All curriculum tools work seamlessly with Canvas and Google Apps for Education.
  • In addition to all academic state standards, what skills will the delivery of the curriculum address?"
    The teaching of the curriculum will focus on students mastering skills to get ready for their path after graduating high school. This includes our “Four C’s” of communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. It also includes students receiving instruction relevant to their lives and the world around us. Finally, it includes 21st Century technical skills such as keyboarding, cloud-based word processing, virtual communication and collaboration and other skills transferable to any post-secondary path.
  • How do students interact with each other?
    A class community is very important at ISAonline. Students have the opportunity to interact daily through live lessons with their teachers and peers, during small group video calls, and through real-time educational technology. Socializing is a large part of in-person education. With the technology we have today, we are able to ensure learning doesn't occur in isolation.
  • What standardized testing will my student(s) take?
    Students in our elementary program will be given three diagnostic assessments throughout the academic year in language, reading and mathematics, to ensure instruction is aligned to student needs.
  • Will there be physical materials included with the digital curriculum?
    Typical household items or art supplies may be needed to complete some of the activities. Each family will recieve a list of materials to prepare before their child starts at ISAonline. No physical materials will be provided by ISAonline.
  • What can students expect in terms of Live Class, and what happens if students miss a Live Class?"
    Live Class is an integral part of our academic program. Students will have at least one Live Class opportunity per school day, and students are expected to attend Live Class. If Live Class cannot be attended for a valid reason, then our school maintains flexibility for students by recording and posting all Live Class sessions so they may watch and participate according to their individual schedule. This means that students can either attend live or watch the recording.
  • If I have a Live Class, then will I also have a full lesson to complete before or after?"
    No. Live Class will be the learning activity posted for class for that day. On Live Class days, students will be expected to attend (or watch the recording) and participate, that’s it. There may be some preparation or follow-up work associated with Live Class, but there will no longer be an entire lesson in addition to a thirty to sixty minute Live Class.
  • Can students work ahead or work at a slower than assigned pace?
    Every student is different and classroom teachers can adjust pacing for students based on their individual needs and what is best for their learning and achievement.
  • Do students only have access to school assignments during school days?
    No. All published materials in a teacher’s class are available until the due date or availability dates for those materials have passed, including nights and weekends. While teachers are only available during school days and school hours, students can access their coursework from anywhere they can connect online through their laptop.
  • Will students be able to see all the coursework and assignments at once?
    Not necessarily, but that is because a planned module may change based on how student learning is progressing throughout a term. Teachers will make available modules once they are planned, and in many cases this availability will be well in advance of the module’s start date.
  • How will due dates, missing assignments and turning in assignments work?"
    Teachers will define and customize due dates and lesson pacing for their classes. Student gradebooks will display assignments as having a score or be marked as missing or late depending on when it was or if it was not turned in. Turning in assignments will always happen directly through our learning platform.
  • How will parents access student course content for support and accountability purposes?
    Parents/Guardians will be able to view grades, course content, due dates, completed school work and other student-specific course items for each of their students through our learning platform. This will allow for parents/guardians to fully support and hold accountable their student(s) as they see fit. Course specifics like due dates, assignments and other tasks are planned and delivered by the classroom teacher. This access will work through both the web-based version of our learning platform as well as through our parent app.
  • Will learning parents need to verify or “mark complete” any lessons or work?
    No. The teacher will verify and give feedback on assigned student tasks.
  • When will families have access to the new systems in order to learn them?
    Families will gain access sometime in advance of the start of the school year so they may complete assigned onboarding and orientation courses.
  • How can I support my child's positive use of technology?
    Common Sense Media provides some great resources on remote learning, social media use, technology at home and more.
  • How will parents communicate to the school during the summer?
    Parents can message all faculty using their email addresses that have been used school-wide this school year.
  • How will teachers and parents communicate to the school during the school year?
    During the school year, parents can continue using email to the addresses to contact faculty.
  • Do you have a facility where my child can complete their online course?
    ISAonline does not provide a facility, however, we have a partnership with Educampus. Educampus is a government sponsored program that provides safe and comfortable learning spaces for students enrolled in an online program. Please contact the program by email at or by phone at +297 592 5981.
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