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Student Athletes

We are a school where student-athletes can maximize their athletic and academic potential. Informed by extensive research on youth development, we are determined to support high-performance athletic training with high-quality education, characterized by passion, hard work, trust, and positive reinforcement. Staffed by world-class educators, ISAonline is designed to help your student-athlete be the best they can be in both school and their sport. 

Young Gymnast


We understand that your athletes’ training and travel schedules are often rigorous, and sometimes need to change quickly. ISAonline can accommodate these needs quickly, to ensure all facets of their learning are online and accessible at a time that best suits them. This includes key resources, assessments, communication tools and 1:1 mentoring. 

Individualized Education

Students at ISAonline have the opportunity to meet one on one with a teacher daily. These office hours can be used to work on assignments providing time for more significant assistance. This approach allows our students to move seamlessly between their academic and their athletic lives, and stay on track.

Happy girl swimming in pool
Youth Baseball Game

Collaborative Approach

By combining online classes with in-class workshops, class discussions, and one-on-one education, we have created optimal learning opportunities for our student-athletes. Whether at home or on the road, they can continue to engage in learning and connect with their teachers and classmates. At ISAonline, our students are never working in isolation. 

We Teach Learning

We understand that every brain is unique in how it learns. Our teachers help student-athletes think about their thinking and use their executive functioning skills to maximize their potential. We want them to be challenged and take risks in a supportive environment. We know learning and reflecting on our mistakes is a key part of the process. In the end, we build better minds, better students, and better players.

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