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“Experiential Online Learning With A Classroom Feel”

The pandemic and associated lockdowns have been challenging for all sectors, forcing organizations to rethink practices, day-to-day operations, technical infrastructure and internal policies. While some of these changes have been temporary, many have also remained in-place providing businesses with more efficient ways of operating and better supporting the individual needs of their customers.

In the education sector this has been no different. Some schools have embraced this period of development and used it to reevaluate how emerging technologies, personalized learning, and wellbeing practices can be leveraged to provide a new type of schooling model for students. If the pandemic has highlighted anything, it’s that students can learn and thrive from anywhere, not just in a brick and mortar school.

Families Seek Education Alternatives

Student success in online environments can be attributed to a range of different factors that are unique to the medium. Some prefer less distractions, others the small group collaborations, some the 1:1 time with their teacher; the personalization can be endless. Many also thrive with a more flexible schedule that allows them to decide when and where to complete the work. This combined with a passion-based program gives them more opportunities to pursue their interests and share them as part of the greater learning journey. It’s no surprise that many families have now identified the benefits of online learning and are searching for the best fit for their children. Unfortunately, most of the virtual schools in operation are US-based, traditional, and leverage a schedule that is not friendly for other timezones. Thankfully, the International School of Aruba (ISA) is excited to provide another option.

Launch of ISAonline

In collaboration with International School Services, a nonprofit that manages 24 schools around the world, ISA is proud to announce the launch of ISAonline, “Experiential Online Learning With A Classroom Feel.” ISAonline is a new type of school that embraces the whole child. Students participate in online classes, 1:1 tutoring, independent inquiry and passion-based projects that are personalized to the individual. With a focus on developing global-minded, connected, and innovative learners, ISAonline is a refreshing alternative for families across Aruba and around the world.

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